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A Cedric/Harry Community

Cedric was never a spare for Harry

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A Tale of Two Seekers
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Harry/Cedric fanfiction, art and discussion
twoseekers was the first Harry Potter community for Cedric/Harry fans. Created by poufywerewolf, maintained by minisinoo for a while, it's now in the hands of rotaryphones. But it's an open community, so feel free to join and post fanfiction, fanart, icons, and anything else related to Cedric/Harry. This community may contain adult material, so please read warnings and join at your own risk.

General Rules:
  • No spam or quizzes, memes, tests, etc.
  • Discussion is more than welcome; we're not just for fanart and fanfic; this is an active community and we love to discuss theory/ideas too.
  • No advertisements for communities that don't have to do with Cedric/Harry slash.
  • No Real Person Slash (RPS), such as Daniel Radcliffe/Robert Pattinson.
  • Images larger that about 300x300 should go behind a cut, please.
  • Any adult images MUST be behind LJ-cut (with a warning).
  • LJ-cut all fiction or other long posts.
  • Everything posted here must have something to do with Cedric Diggory and Harry Potter.
  • No role-play ads. Those should be posted in hprpsearch, not here.

    Fanfiction & Fanart Rules:
  • Flaming will not be tolerated. Constructive feedback is allowed.
  • The main pairing of any and all fanfiction and fanart posted here MUST be Harry/Cedric; other (secondary) pairings are allowed, however. GEN or FRIENDSHIP Harry/Cedric is equally welcome.
  • If you are posting more than two icons, please LJ-cut the rest.
  • Our memories have fallen by the wayside, but we'd like to revive them.
    to that end, please include at least the following when posting your fanfiction or fanart. This way it will be easier to archive in the memories. Also, please put either "ART" or "FIC" in the title.
    Rating: Either G, PG, PG-13, etc. OR "adult" to indicate a story with concepts/ideas/scenes not suitable for minors.
    Warnings: character death, violence, non-con, wand play, bondage, BDSM, etc. If posting this would give away a surprise element, PLEASE at least indicate that the story might contain sensitive topics.
    Summary/Notes: Recommended Many (if not most) readers like SOME idea of what your story is about.
    Link or LJ-Cut: Please put fanfiction and fanart behind an LJ-cut.
    If you would like to affiliate with twoseekers, please feel free to e-mail Minisinoo at minisinoo [at] yahoo [dot] com. I will only accept affiliate requests if the community has to do with Cedric Diggory and/or Harry Potter (the character, not in general).
  • cedric_fic
  • twoseekers_news (this comm is now largely defunct)

  • Bittersweet Symphony Official Website of TwoSeekers

    The banner and icon for March-May were made by rotaryphones, who is our Featured Artist for the first half of 2010.
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