Far Too Close; Much Too Far

Title: Far Too Close; Much Too Far
Author: harricislife
Pairing(s): Cedric/Harry, Cedric/Cho, Cedric/Harry/Cho, Cho/Harry
Character(s): Cedric
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership to these characters or the series they’re from.

Summary: Cedric would like to be close to him, but when they are, he feels faraway. He wishes to bring him joy, but when he does, sorrow still lingers, oh and the hurt, and because this is Harry of course the guilt, a lot of it.

He can't change anything, but he can wish and he can hope; and maybe fate will have some mercy.

Author's Note: Focused on Cedric/Harry for the most part.

( Far Too Close; Much Too Far (ao3) )

( Far Too Close; Much Too Far (ff.net) )


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